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Professional home cleaning

Basic home cleaning

Includes a package of work that covers a thorough cleaning of all rooms, floors, furniture, carpets/carpets, windows, viewports and display cases, as well as the toughest spots in your kitchen and bathroom.

Depending on the type, number of rooms, square footage, furniture and flooring, we will give you a price quote or, if necessary, make an on-site inspection.

We will use specialized equipment and detergents that remove even the deepest dirt.

Our professionals will pay the necessary attention to every detail.

The service includes:

Subscription home cleaning

A clean and cozy home is the desired place by all of us, but do we find time for it. Hardly at the end of the working day, each of us dreams of starting to clean with the vacuum cleaner or cleaning the bathroom.

Daily home cleaning requires time and effort that is often lacking at the end of the day, or is hardly the most enjoyable weekend activity. The majority of working people find it difficult to combine work with household duties. And even when they find the time to do it, the results fall short of expectations.

It’s not worth spending your weekend scavenging rather than in nature with your loved ones. So leave the daily chores like scrubbing the bathroom tiles and dusting to us and enjoy your holiday.

It’s not a luxury, but a necessity to live in the comfort of your cozy and tidy home without requiring you to make a daily effort. Look to us to give you the best price, for a subscription cleaning of your home, at a time convenient to you, as many times a week as you wish.

Cleaning after repairs

Whether you are completing a complete renovation
of your home or just a small partial change, cleaning after a renovation is a challenging task. Your home is full of dust, debris, paint stains, mortar, glue, cement. That’s why it’s better to entrust this unpleasant task to us, because we know how to deal with it, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our “After Repair Cleaning” service is a deep dusting, removal of rough residues and plaster, paint, adhesives and other construction debris. We can then move on to the finer activities such as polishing furniture and light fittings, cleaning mainly bathrooms, shop windows, windows and other activities involved in basic cleaning.

Cleaning after renovation can also be done in stages to prevent the accumulation of large amounts of dust and hard-to-remove construction debris.

The products we use are specialized and gentle on different types of surfaces.

In order to give you the best price, we need to come on site to assess the extent of contamination.

What else do we offer?

Kitchen cleaning

One of the most difficult places to maintain hygiene is the kitchen. The spotless cleanliness of the kitchen is extremely important as it is where we prepare our food. But do we have enough spare time to devote to the cleanliness of one of the premises, which gets dirty all the time. And when we put off cleaning, more and more hard-to-remove dirt builds up over time.

To ensure that your hygiene is always up to scratch, you can turn to us for subscription kitchen cleaning. You can also trust us for one-off/comprehensive cleaning, such as:

Cleaning of windows

When the view through the window of your home is no longer crystal clear, it’s time to call for your windows to be cleaned so that you don’t have to deal with this daunting task. We will quickly and efficiently remove even the most stubborn dirt from every element and from window frames and blinds. We will finish the two-sided cleaning of the windows with a fine polishing. Therefore, trust us, the professionals from SHERITA-M, and you will see for yourself our quality services.

We carry out window washing with professional preparations and devices that will ensure a long-lasting result. With our windows, you will be protected from the rapid accumulation of technology dust, characteristic of the urban environment.

Cleaning the bathroom

To keep your bathroom always clean requires a lot of care and time, and at the same time the result is not always what you aim for.

To ensure that your hygiene is always up to scratch, you can turn to us for subscription bathroom cleaning. You can also trust us for one-off/comprehensive cleaning, such as: